brewvu.com started as a collaboration between the beer soaked minds of Jay Brooks and Jonathan Surratt. It originally was supposed to be more of a short beer review site, but over time, morphed into a twitter image fetcher.


brewvu previewIf a twitter user posts an image in a tweet that also contains the hashtag #brewvu, we will grab it and display it with full attribution to that particular twitter account. Then people who have logged into this site using their own twitter account can vote an image up or down.

The site also grabs any other hashtags in the context of each tweet which allows us to display tag pages for all sorts of interesting content.

brewvu.com scans twitter every minute on the minute. So you may have a short delay between your tweet appearing on twitter and your image then appearing on this site. Occasionally twitter goes down or experiences hiccups which could cause communication issues between brewvu.com and twitter.com.

At this point, the site works for images uploaded via: twitter, instagram, twitpic, yfrog, ow.ly and camera+.




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