Color checking

We’re now checking each brewvu for the most prevalent color in each vu. These colors are being stored in the database along side the images so we now can do some simple color searching.


Beside each image (or beneath if you’re on mobile), you’ll see a simple table showing colors and their #hex numbers. You’ll also see percentages. The percentage for each color is simply showing the percent of that color’s presence in each brewvu based on pixels. It’s simultaneously complicated and simple.


You can click the image (or the #hex number) and view other brewvus in our database that share that color, sorted by highest percentage. It works fairly well for finding similarily colored beers like this search for #a84818

And it also works well to just find cool brewvus with a certain color in them, like this really bright shade of blue.

This, like everything else here is a work in progress. Let us know if you can think of something here we can tweak or alter to make it work better.

Note: we’re slowly scanning all brewvus. I think as of this writing we still have a few thousand to work through.

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