Color checking

We’re now checking each brewvu for the most prevalent color in each vu. These colors are being stored in the database along side the images so we now can do some simple color searching.


Beside each image (or beneath if you’re on mobile), you’ll see a simple table showing colors and their #hex numbers. You’ll also see percentages. The percentage for each color is simply showing the percent of that color’s presence in each brewvu based on pixels. It’s simultaneously complicated and simple.


You can click the image (or the #hex number) and view other brewvus in our database that share that color, sorted by highest percentage. It works fairly well for finding similarily colored beers like this search for #a84818

And it also works well to just find cool brewvus with a certain color in them, like this really bright shade of blue.

This, like everything else here is a work in progress. Let us know if you can think of something here we can tweak or alter to make it work better.

Note: we’re slowly scanning all brewvus. I think as of this writing we still have a few thousand to work through.

New brewvu

We’ve updated the design of brewvu and in doing so, probably sped up page loading by 50 to 100%.

The older version was loading a lot of javascript that controlled how the images sized and sorted themselves into order depending on the screen size. Thanks to some updated libraries and code, this version does that part a lot faster.

The new version is much much better at being responsive for mobile devices and different screen sizes.

We’ve also slipped a new search page into the site mix. Here’s a search for Pale Ale, to make you thirstier.

New random daily tweet

We just wrote a new daily tweet feature that supposedly will select a random brewvu from the day before and tweet that out from the official brewvu twitter account.

The code for this feature was written after three double IPAs and it has not been tested. No one is sure if it will work or not.

Seriously, there’s no telling. It’s queued up to go every day at 1:22 pm. But we’re not really sure if that is east coast or west coast time. This is crazy. You guys get ready!

Post and email brewvus

We’ve added two new ways to add brewvus to the site.

tweet tweetYou’ve always been able to tag your images via twitter with the #brewvu tag and we will go get them and archive them for you. But, now, if you are logged into the site you can now add beer pictures directly to and we will save them for you and send the link and your status/comments directly through your twitter account.

You can find a white “Add brewvu” button at the top and bottom of any non-blog page.

Once you are logged in to with your twitter credentials, we also give you the option to add your email address to your account. We are not using your email to send you updates or newsletters. We need the email address in order to validate any email that you might send to us. You can read more about the “email a brewvu” process and you can start using this feature as soon as you have updated your email in your account settings.

You can continue to use the twitter tagging options, but these other two “add a brewvu” functions will send a short link to your twitter followers that directs them straight to your brewvu and it will in turn get more “vus” on your photo.

Brewvu Profile twitter profileIf you want your twitter profile information to be updated on your profile page. Simply login at the top right of any page with the twitter login button (or go here).

Once you login, the site will automatically capture your profile information, profile picture and it will start displaying it on your profile page. If you change any of that information at twitter, it will not automatically change here but it will update upon your next login (logout -> login will refresh any twitter profile info here at

Hashtag Launch

brewvu sketchWe’ve officially started scanning twitter for the #brewvu hashtag instead of the #craftbeer hashtag.

We’ve also started scanning for Camera+ photos and we’ve fixed a small bug that was keeping twitpic photos from showing up here.

We removed all voting and views (vus) from current images tagged #craftbeer but we are leaving these images up for the time being so that the site will have content. Feel free to check out the 3,000+ brewvus we’ve already collected.

Feel free to start using #brewvu and spreading the word. We’re still in a beta stage at this point and we’re still adding features to the site, so don’t be surprised if you see a bug or two.

Alpha Release

Welcome to brewvu.

This is hush hush.

If you’ve found this page then you’re probably a friend of either Jay Brooks or Jonathan Surratt and you are a twitter user that occasionally uploads a beer picture.

Testing Brewvu.comWe’re basically in a testing phase of a new site called and we need your help. Here’s how you can help us.

  1. post a beer image to your twitter timeline via twitter, instagram, yfrog or twitpic.
  2. Tag that image with the #craftbeer hashtag.
  3. visit and wait at least a full minute until your image (hopefully) shows up.
  4. Sign-in with twitter (button in top right of any page that isn’t a blog page). Don’t worry, we will not post anything for you via twitter. (Eventually you will be able to log into the site and post images straight from one of our pages)
  5. vote a few images up or down (don’t worry this data will all be erased so feel free to vote however you want.
  6. look around for bugs (login bugs, voting or viewing image bugs are pretty important).
  7. comment here if you find any bugs or if things don’t work like you would expect them to work. is going to be an archive for people’s beer images. There is also potential for monthly sponsored contests, “badges” and other hip social media fun. We will be rolling those things out at a later date.

When we leave testing mode we will no longer be scanning for the #craftbeer hashtag and we will purge the database of all current images/tags/votes. So feel free to just play around. Everything, including your login information will be wiped before the full site goes live. Try not to spread the word about this alpha test. After we go live with the site we will start scanning for the #brewvu hashtag.

Anything you can help with will make the final user experience better and we appreciate any help or advice that you might have.

Site launch

Site is launched, let's have a beer on the beach!Technically, the site is launched. Currently everything seems to be working just fine. We are basically in a sort of alpha test phase and the site is actually not searching twitter for #brewvu. During this alpha test phase we are using the hashtag #craftbeer to populate content.

If you find an image of yours appearing here and you would like it removed, you can sign-in via twitter and remove it yourself or contact us and we will remove them.

All data and images will be purged from the site in the near future when we make the switch from #craftbeer to the #brewvu hashtag.

Feel free to comment below if you find any bugs.